Device Start and stop immediately because of some reasons:

I. With Qemu device 

The reason usually is Enable virtualization is disabled. To enable virtualization follow steps:

  • Shutdown your PNETLab > Processors > Tick on Virtualize Intel VT -x/EPT or ADM-V/RVI
  • If exist Disable acceleration for binary translation row, select it.
  • On ESXI

If have any error log, check if Virtualization is enabled on BIOS or not. To check

  • shutdown your computer > in starting process press F2 to access bios > check Virtualization is enable or not.
  • It is not the same with different laptop vender. Refer below example:


II. With IOL device.

With IOL devices, the reason is usually file /opt/unetlab/addons/iol/bin/iourc file is corrupted.

To create iourc file again you can upgrade PNETLab to the latest version.

Go to: system > system setting > Click on fixpermission button.