Step 01
Download and Deploy


Step 02
Register and Login

Step 03
Go to store

Step 04
Get Lab and Learn


 Step 01: Download and Deploy

Download the .ova file and deploy on virtualization platforms such as VMWare,... Make sure your box can connect to the internet with online mode


  • If you deploy on vmware set up the vmware like bellow:

 Step 02: Register and Login

Access to your box by a browser (through IP address in your PNETLab box - in my case, the IP address is:

You'll be linked to the Login form. 

If you still not have an account click on Sign Up.

Fill in the Sign In form and click Register. A confirmation email will be sent to your email address in 2-3 minutes. Click the Verify button to complete your registration

After that, you can log into the PNETLab box and you can use hundreds of free labs


 Step 03: Go to Store

After login to PNETLab Box from Vmware (with your IP address), Click to logo PNETLab then you will go to PNETLab Store


Note: There are a lot of Labs from Store, and All labs are free, when you download a lab, you will get Lab file, workbook, and IOS (Go to Step 4 for more detail).

 Step 04: Get Lab and Learn

From PNETLab Store, choose a lab as you want to practice (Example: Save Backups with Ansible)


Click to Get Lab button

Then click to Download button (Lab is included: lab file (unl), IOS and workbook)



After completes download LAB (Lab file, IOS, and Workbook), click to Go to Lab button, then Lab will download to the folder: Your labs from PNETLab Store




Practice your lab: Open lab then Start all nodes


Open Workbook (Lab task) and Console (There are two type of console: HTML Console and Native Console) then Enjoy your Labbing :)