1. PNETLab can connect to Internet.

If PNETLab can connect to internet, you can upgrade to latest version very easily by go to : System > Version > Click on Upgrade button.


2. PNETLab can not connect to Internet.

  • Access link to download the upgrade package.
  • You have to upgrade step by step from your current version to the latest version. (E.g you can upgrade 1.0.1 > 1.0.2 > 1.0.3 . But you can not upgrade from 1.0.1 > 1.0.3 it may be get the error.)
  • After Download the upgrade patch package. Copy it to /tmp folder of PNETLab
  • SSH to PNETLab with root account and run command to check:
    • cd /tmp
    • ls -l
  • Unzip upgrade package by command:
    • delete old upgrade folder if exist by command: rm -rf upgrade
    • unzip [package] -d ./upgrade (Eg: unzip 4.0.1.zip -d ./upgrade)
    • Check again by command : ls -l . You should see the upgrade folder
  • Run below commands to upgrade.
    • chmod 755 -R upgrade
    • find upgrade -type f -print0 | xargs -0 dos2unix 2>&1
    • ./upgrade/upgrade
  • Login to Web Guide and check again